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hi, I'm hunteR!

So, how did a five year old get into the soaping business?


Well, it started out as a science project during one Kindergarten homeschooling afternoon in 2019.

As part of his homeschooling science curriculum, we (Hunter’s parents) allowed Hunter to watch some how-to videos on How It’s Made. When Hunter watched a soap making video, he asked if it was possible to make soap at home. Some Googling led us to the concept of melt and pour soaps which Hunter got super excited about.


We bought a few supplies and let Hunter experiment with colors, fragrances, molds and shapes. He loved it! When we ran out of supplies, he asked if he could get more. We explained that we couldn't keep spending a ton of money on soap  base, and we told him (somewhat sarcastically) that he'd need to sell some soap to make money to buy more soap base.

So our science project became a business project; Hunter knew that he’d have to sell his soaps to buy more materials to make more soap, and he could get a little commission too!


All of the proceeds from his soap sales go to Hunter -- most is reinvested so that he can buy more materials and make more soap, which he enjoys. The rest he puts in his piggy bank because he says that one day soon, he “wants to travel the world.”


Thank you for your support!

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