Go completely custom!


So here you can design your own donut soap and Hunter will make it for you. Each donut is about 2.5-3 ounces and Hunter will always dip, drizzle or decorate your donut with something. You can do any fragrance or essential oil we have available! Hunter usually likes to swirl colors to make each soap unique, but we can do anything you want for your donuts. If you don't specify in the box below, Hunter will make it look like the fragrance you choose, or he'll go hog-wild and create something totally crazy. So if you don't specify, expect to be very surprised. ;)


If you don't see the fragrance or essential oil you'd like in the list, just shoot us a message. We are constantly rotating and changing our inventory, so Hunter always has the ability to create pretty much anything you like.

Create-A-Donut Soap