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If heaven were a soap, I think this would be it. Packed with goodness and with a fragrance that smells of orange, oatmeal, vanilla and butterscotch, this bar is great for men or women! Hunter started off with beer and milk, then he added olive oil, coconut oil, lard, shea butter, castor oil and avocado oil. Then, Hunter added in walnut shells for scrubiness as well as activated charcoal. The fragrance is known as oatmeal stout.


For those of you that are here and shopping, I don't have to explain what goes into a handmade bar of soap because you're here supporting Hunter...I know, it's easy to balk at a $7 price tag for a soap that'll last about 3 weeks, maybe a month. But...considering the time, purity of ingredients, all the extra add-ins, then the cutting, stamping, bevelling and packaging, AND the 6 weeks it takes to cure?! I mean sheesh, it's no wonder other soapers charge $10 and up for a bar, right?

Beer 'n Butterscotch Bar

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