We use this for the baby all the time and LOVE it. So that's why Hunter decided to make it for everyone ;)


It's totally fragrance free, no oils, no scents (just the natural one you get when you add milk and oatmeal to your bath). Hunter blended up dry milk with sea salts, epsom salt and baking soda and then he loves the tiger stripe look, so we layered the oatmeal between the milk blend.


A nice option for those looking for something completely fragrance free!


You get almost a pound of Milk & Oats inside a lovely mason jar (we decided against bags because you just throw them away...a jar you can immediately reuse!) with a little scoop spoon. And a lot of love from Hunter :)


We've made two options for you so if you'd like to just get the goods and not the jar & scoop, you have that option as well.

Milk & Oats Bath: Fragrance Free



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