Mask blowout sale!


These are all the adult masks we have available! (You get a mask with a filter already inserted and 1 spare filter).


These are full-face masks that cover from nose to chin with a drawstring cord in the back that is tightened with a toggle (on the camo masks, there are two toggles, an upper and lower). It is easy to loosen and tighten and is much easier on the ears than the elastic type masks (and the fit is much tighter because the wearer gets to adjust it)! Some of these masks have decorative beads on the ends. No masks are intended for kids under 3 years old.  


The inside material is bamboo cotton. The outside layers vary, but most are cotton or cotton twill. There is a space between these two materials where a filter is inserted (the filter is also sewn to contour to the mask). The mask is washable. We did a lot of research on these and used the materials that commercial mask makers are using with a pattern that fully fits the face.


Size small = Kids (ages 9 and under)

Size Medium = Teens/Smaller Ladies (ages 10-17 or petite frames)

Size Large = Men/Broader or longer faces (adults, average frame size)

Size XL= The bigger faces, or if you like it to fit well over chin & nose. (for muscular jaws or larger built folks)


To use, loosen toggle(s) fully and slide both cords all the way over your head. Fit top cord over ears, position mask on face and tighten. After as much use as you are comfortable with (hours or days if you hang it properly without contamination), remove mask carefully and discard filter, put mask in to wash with normal clothes (we suggest inserting mask into a mesh bag to prevent cords from tangling with your clothes). Replace filter and you're ready to go again!

Toggle Masks with Filter!

Mask Pattern
Mask Size


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