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This soap is absolutely packed with as much awesomeness as it could hold. It sports a super thick, creamy, bubbly lather that leaves skin, hair and beards feeling silky smooth.


Hunter and I did research on all the ingredients and looked at the best-selling beard soaps out there to formulate this recipe that takes a few days to make with all the add-ins!


These are soaps of course, so you can use them as such!👍🏻 They are not beard-only 🤪


The fragrance is light; it smells musky, manly, a touch spicy and beer-y 🍺


Liquids: beer, milk, soapberry extract

Oils: lard, olive, castor, sunflower, Shea butter, avocado, cocoa butter, jojoba

Add-ins: egg, seaweed extract, panthenol, honey, apple cider vinegar, french green clay

Ultimate Beard Soap

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