WE FINALLY DID IT. Holy cow, this took a lot of work on both Hunter's part and mine. Hunter poured all of these soaps over the course of a month (A MONTH, I tell you!) and I spent a lot of baby's naps painting these or helping Hunter. Many hours and love are put into each of these sets.


You get 2.5 pounds of soap in this whole set with 19 separate wizard soaps!


Here are the soaps:


- A Hogwarts Express train (3.3 oz), in Milk & Honey or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance

- A Painted Dragon Eye with a loofah (4 oz), in Dark Crystal fragrance. You get either a Chinese Fireball, a Welsh Green or a Swedish Short-Snout dragon eye!

- A Butterbeer or a Pumpkin Juice Mug (4.2 oz)

- A Sorcerer's Stone, (3.6 oz), scented in a citrus blend called Energy

- A Hogwart's castle (3 oz), scented in spiced apple and sage

- A little painted owl (1.5 oz), scented in Ginger Ale

- A painted Dark Mark (1.5 oz), scented in Bergamot Tea

- A House Bar in the colors of your Hogwarts House (3.5 oz), scented in either Island Escape, Midnight Waters, or ???

- A spell book (3.2 oz), painted, with the cover of a book from the Harry Potter series (Like "Charm Your Own Cheese," "Guide to Transfiguration" or "Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests"), scented in Cedarwood & Lavender Essential Oil

- A hidden lego globe with a Harry Potter Lego inside (3.6 oz), scented in Cashmere

- A large golden snitch with painted wings (3.7 oz), scented in what smells like Bubble Yum!

- 4 small chocolate frogs (about 1/3 an ounce each), scented in of course Chocolate Fudge

- 2 Harry Potter characters (almost an ounce each), painted and scented in Vanilla and you get a surprise set of characters!

- 2 Harry Potter logo soaps (almost an ounce each), painted and scented in Vanilla and you get either house shields or a number of other surprises!


It also comes in a gift box wrapped in ribbon and we'll pay the shipping :)

Wizarding World Collection: 2.5 lbs of soap!