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These are all the rage! A solid lotion bar is great for travelling or for an alternative to typical lotion.


Made with beeswax and a blend of three butters and three skin-loving oils, these solid bars can be massaged into your skin for a hydrating and smooth experience! We made a whole bunch of different fragrances/essential oil blends (and one for babies/sensitive skin with only the addition of oat oil)!


Each bar weighs 1.3 ounces! Some are discs, some are molded with a bee on them :)


All you have to do is grab your bar out of the tin, rub it on your skin where you'd like to be moisturized. The bar will start to gently melt as you rub and leave your skin feeling moist and you can put the bar back in the tin to use again later!

Solid Lotion Bar

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